GETTING-Plurality Comments to White House OSTP on National Priorities for Artificial Intelligence

The White House recently released a series of announcements focused on responsible artificial intelligence, including a White House Office of Science and Technology Policy request for information on national priorities for AI. The GETTING-Plurality Research Network submitted a series of memos which respond to various questions posed around the topics of bolstering democracy and civic participation; protecting rights, safety, and national security; and promoting economic growth and good jobs.

  • In the Bolstering Democracy memo, we outline how to harness the opportunities this technology presents for a flourishing democracy, while also strengthening our democratic institutions against the threats posed by AI. 
  • In the National Security memo, we outline an analytical framework defining key concepts and hazard tiers for different categories of AI, organizational frameworks for regulation, and outline other regulatory frameworks and structures for implementation. 
  • In the Economic Growth memo, we partnered with New America to develop a set of policy recommendations to promote economic growth and good jobs.

GETTING-Plurality looks forward to further engagement and discussion on AI governance. Read the comments submitted by clicking the buttons on the right.