Ajeet Singh

Ajeet Singh Ajeet Singh is a public health trained physician and informaticist interested in the role technologies play in facilitating health care, and the wider set of power structures they influence. He is committed to exploring methods for increasing our collective agency in building technologies that address community needs and enable democratic forms of governance. […]

Kinney Zalesne

Kinney Zalesne Kinney Zalesne is a former General Manager of Corporate Strategy at Microsoft, where she also served as the point-person for the company’s racial equity initiative in 2020-21. She is also the co-author of the New York Times bestselling book and regular Wall Street Journal column “Microtrends: The Small Forces Behind Tomorrow’s Big Changes,” and […]

Mathias Risse

Mathias Risse Mathias Risse is the Faculty Director at the Carr Center for Human Rights Policy and the Berthold Beitz Professor in Human Rights, Global Affairs and Philosophy at the Harvard Kennedy School. His work primarily addresses questions of global justice ranging from human rights, inequality, taxation, trade and immigration to climate change, obligations to […]

Glen Weyl

Glen Weyl E. (Eric) Glen Weyl is Founder and Research Lead of the Microsoft Research Special Project the Plural Technology Collaboratory, Founder of the RadicalxChange Foundation, the leading thinktank in the Web3 space, and Founder and Chair of the Plurality Institute, which coordinates an academic research network developing technology for cooperation across difference.  He previously […]

Woojin Lim

Woojin Lim Woojin Lim is a Harvard College student in philosophy and government. He is an undergraduate fellow at the Edmond & Lily Safra Center for Ethics. Previously he served as Editor-in-Chief of The Harvard Review of Philosophy and director of the Human Rights Working Group at Harvard’s Committee on Ethnicity, Migration, and Rights. He […]

Eli Frankel

Eli Frankel Eli Frankel is a Harvard College student concentrating in Social Studies. He is a former undergraduate fellow at the Edmond & Lily Safra Center for Ethics at Harvard University, and has worked as a researcher for the center, studying democracy and emerging technologies. 

Luke Thorburn

Luke Thorburn Luke Thorburn is a PhD candidate in computer science at King’s College London. His core interests lie at the intersection of AI, epistemology, and conflict. In particular, his current work focuses on the use of recommender systems to mitigate conflict risks. He also co-authors the Understanding Recommenders project at the Center for Human-Compatible […]

Aviv Ovadya

Aviv Ovadya Aviv Ovadya (@metaviv) researches and supports tractable processes for technology governance and alignment, building on validated methods from offline deliberative democracy and innovative AI-augmented deliberation technology. He is affiliated with Harvard’s Berkman Klein Center (RSM), a visiting researcher at Cambridge University’s Center for the Future of Intelligence, and consults for technology companies, civil […]

Tantum Collins

Tantum Collins Tantum Collins is a researcher and former policymaker. He focuses on how machine learning can help build better systems for democratic governance and collective intelligence. Tantum is an Affiliate at the Collective Intelligence Project and at the Centre for the Governance of AI.  Previously, Tantum worked at the White House Office of Science […]

Zoë Hitzig

Zoë Hitzig Zoë Hitzig is a PhD candidate in economics at Harvard. Her work centers on privacy, equity and transparency in markets and other institutions. She is the author of two books of poetry, Mezzanine (2020) and Not Us Now (forthcoming). Starting July 2023, she will be a Junior Fellow at the Harvard Society of […]