Our work

Working in teams, network members will produce both foundational conceptual papers and practical policy guidance for the research topics taken up. Conceptual papers will be published quickly in white paper form, and also in scholarly journals. Policy guidance will be crafted for specific stakeholder partners, who will be engaged in the work from agenda design through to completed deliverable. 

Running alongside the whitepaper + policy brief work stream, we will run a series of workshops that seek to tackle the constitutional-level implications of tech innovation for U.S. democracy as well as for global regulators and develop a roadmap to guide mastery of the implications of technology across the multiple policy domains of U.S. governance structures.

The Allen Lab for Democracy Renovation is committed to supporting open dialogue and exchange of ideas. Opinion pieces found on this page represent the views of their authors and not necessarily those of the Allen Lab or Harvard University.

Danielle Allen stands in a dark wood paneled room with two screens on either side of her that read "Introduction" in front of her are several seated attendees listening to her talk

Summit on AI and Democracy

On November 7, 2023, the Summit on AI and Democracy gathered experts across multiple institutions to discuss ongoing research, policy, and development efforts related to the recent advancements in AI.

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Plural Publics

Data governance is usually conceptualized in terms of “privacy” v. “publicity”. Yet a core feature of pluralistic societies is association, groups that share with each other, privately. These

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GETTING-Plurality Launch

Harvard Edmond and Lily Safra Center for Ethics Launches Research Network on the Governance of Emerging Technologies through Plurality March 20, 2023 The Harvard Edmond & Lily Safra Center for

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